Who am I?  A good question.  I’m a person like you.  Such a vague answer and not very informative is it?  If you’ve come here you should ask the question who do I think I am?  You most likely do not know me, or you might know me some limited fashion.  You want to know more?  Thank you!  I cannot describe myself as my wife see’s me, nor as my daughter sees me.  They both know me very well but have entirely different view points, which vary depending on the time of day, last conversation, moon phase and glucose levels.  Getting them to write a description of me might be nice but it wouldn’t paint the whole picture as my boss see’s me differently.

So should I try to portray myself from someone else’s point of view?  Maybe in the broadest sense.  I can tell you I’m 6’3″ about 260lb.  I like to lift weights but I’m no muscle head, in fact I’ve found I’ve stopped growing up and started growing out.  Most frustrating.  Based on what I’ve said you now know I have a wife and daughter but still not much. Yes?

So, the question becomes, what do you want to know?  Why don’t you ask me?  Perhaps I’m not readily available and you might not know what to ask.  Okay.  Good response.  You want to get some measure of me as a person.  Good.  You can’t learn if you don’t ask questions.  You want to find some flaws in my character, attitude or actions to justify your beliefs?  Yep.  I get that too.  That is who YOU are, not who I am.  I don’t claim to be perfect, all knowledgeable or particularly great, but overall I am happy with who I am (not that there isn’t room for improvement mind you!) but I accept who am and what I have accomplished with my life.  I have put my life on the line for something bigger than myself, I have survived situations that others did not.  I have loved, lost, cried, been beaten, been poor, been spit up on and I have triumphed.  I am an optimistic pessimist.  It means I am pleasantly surprised when things go right but it doesn’t drag me down.

I have created this site to show off my works, who I am and to help people understand me.  There will be some bragging and some introspection, some ranting, some raving and some nonsensical mumbling.  Woo hoo!  It’s my corner of Cyberspace. MINE.  If you don’t like it I’m sure you know how to leave.

Now that you have read the disclaimer.  Welcome to who I think I am and what I do.  Disagree or not, share your opinion.  I may not agree with you but I do like to learn and experience the opinions and views of others.

Thank you and Semper Fi


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Loved your book “The Return”… So when will the next on be finished 🙂 I do have a few questions though, what is a “Soma”. What happened to a few of the sentient droids at the end of the book. Since the Alamo was a month away how did they get to the system for the battles end. Just a few unanswered questions.

    Still loved it and looking forward for the next one. Thank you for your time.


    • Thank you. I’m working on the sequel but the muse has grabbed my by the throat and forcing me to finish another Fantasy series (Almost done with book two and will resume book two of the Conglomerate series).

      Thank you Lago. In answer to your question a Soma actually means Soul Mate. The Topa can be obnoxious buggers sometimes. A lot more will be learned about the Conglomerate and the Topa in the next book when a fallen Topa is forced to serve on Luke’s crew (all I can say for now 😉 )

      The Alamo’s fast response will be explained in the next book as well. Remember that Topa Suresh met with the prime minister as he was sending Luke away on his mission, which required some knowledge of the events that were about to occur. To make make a long story short, the Topa moved it and as for the Sentient droids, Gray and the others survivors of the battle will be re-united. I wanted to leave the story on a high note before I send it back over a cliff and down a rabbit hole 🙂

      I will work on clarifying that though. Thank you.

  2. Woot, thanx for your he reply. What’s the name of your new series?


    • Aelfsward, Incidental Elf. I’ll post more on it later. Recently the database for my websites got toasted and backups don’t work so I’m rebuilding a lot. . .

  3. William, absolutely loved The Return and cannot WAIT for your next installment. Note I did not say “sequel”, as I hope there will be way more than simply one more book!

    The Bad News: I gave the book four stars on Amazon, the reason being it was incompletely edited. If the edit had been better, I would have given it all five stars. REALLY loved the book!

    Being a “grammarhead” (I just can’t help it: I had a couple of great English teachers during the grammar years) as well as an avid space opera reader, the extra words – where it was obvious you had one thought, and then changed a verb tense or modifier – wrong verb tense, lack of a comma to set off different clauses, etc. – all detracted from my reading experience. As I said, I can’t help it. That said, if you would like another set of eyes on a nearly-finished project, you write so compellingly that I would be happy to proofread and edit for you. Yes, I enjoyed your writing that much! Please note: I am not perfect. But I could clean things up a little bit for you.

    My wife is writing her first novel, so I am familiar with the desire to not share anything with anybody else. I give you my word that I will be the only reader of any material you send me, and will get it back to you edited (with suggestions, if I am not clearly convinced my correction is ideal) as soon as possible. I have only used Google Docs a tiny bit and am not yet familiar with it. I do, however, have Word with the Track Changes function, At any rate, LOVED The Return. PLEASE do another SOON!

    Fletcher in SC

    • Thank you. Yes, grammar is my bane and part of the reason #2 has not been released and #3 is barely started. An editor is expensive, and even then there are quality control issues. There is not enough money in it to really hire an editor it appears. I have about 8 novels that are pending ‘editing’. I have found some software and am ‘self educating’ as I can, going through things with a fine tooth comb.

      My English teacher in High School might have been retarded. She called her class her ‘sweeties’ and treated us like toddlers. Very hard to take her seriously. I might take you up on that once I’ve gone through it a couple more times. I’m a former Marine so I’m kinda stubborn but I want to self edit another round or two before I expose it. I’m learning a lot.

      Thank you.

      • In reference to your wife. There are a couple facebook groups of Indie authors. I have some experience with the process as I do a lot of reading and have another somewhat successful series for Airsoft on Tactics and radio communications. If you have any questions on the process shoot me a message. I’m always happy to help other authors navigate the process. I don’t see other authors as competition.

        Thank you.


      • Well, Semper Fi, Dude! Kinda figured it, since your scenes were so well-described. Both I and wife are ex-Army, 1970-72 for me and 1985-88 for her. OK, so I married a child…. She’s big into facebook and already has found a couple of groups, and occasionally attends a local “chapter” here in upstate SC. Hers is almost ready for her to start looking for a publisher. She’s got it out to a teacher-friend for a final proofread and critique. She’s been diagnosed with RA and has had a rough few months, but hopefully a new med will help her get back to speed and get going again on wrapping up her book.

        As I said, I’m not perfect, but I’ll get you most of the way there. So if #2 is ready for an edit, I’ll do it just for getting to read it. No expense. Your stuff is too good!