Writer’s Dilemma to edit or to write?

MusashiandDuncanSo, I have just finished editing “The Return”.  I have also finished writing the sequel “The Darkness” and I have planned out enough of the final book “New Empires”.  After such a brutal round of editing I WANT to write, but I need to edit “The Darkness”.  I’m also getting a little concerned about book length.  Both of the books are over 100K and the goal was originally 80-90K.  For an e-book this isn’t a big deal but for a printed book it can be.  Every time I go back and edit, the book grows.  More description, more details, etc.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing.

Now when I read various articles about editing it recommends that you ‘put the book down’ for a bit before you edit it.  Okay.  But then I forget stuff, which complicates life when writing the sequel.  Then there is the problem of motivation on writing the sequel.  I want to, I have a lot of it planned, but I seem to be having a problem making the decision to start.

Of course there is also my other series, “The Incidental Elf” series that is begging for attention.  I have finished books 1 “Aelfsward” and 2 “The UnderRealms” and have a really good start on book 3 – “The Dragon’s Mouth”.  But that is not all!  I am also working on a series for Military Science Fiction Writers and I still have some Airsoft Bible books to finish (almost done with Warrior Tactics, just need to edit it and add some graphics).  Instead I’m here whining about it in my blog.  Too much to do it seems.  How to prioritize?  If that is not enough I have several other novels that just need editing;

When Heaven Gets Full
Ghosts of the Republic
IE1: Aelfsward
IE2: The Under Realms
CS1: The Return (Finished except for the printed version)
CS2: The Darkness
Sister, Sister – Done, but kinda short
Way of the Warrior #1 (a series much, much later in the world of Aelfsward)
Way of the Warrior #2
Way of the Warrior #3

What to do.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.  Whatever is the most fun!  It might be time to revisit Aelfsward. . . . I’m glad we had this talk.  Thank you.  Time to change gears from 3rd person to 1st.   Aelfsward2


The Return (version 2)

Kishi-8bFinally. After extensive edits and updates “The Return” is available again.

There are a couple reasons for the edits. The primary reason is that I have finished Book #2 – The Darkness, and I am working on Book #3 – New Empires.

The Return had several loose ends, and some people might have thought there were plot holes (Like why DID the Caliphate have wormhole generators on their ships? Sorry, that isn’t answered until book #3). Yes. Book #2 does not answer all of them, although the answer is there. Book #3 New Empires should finalize the series I believe, and let me go onto the many other projects. It is my intent for New Empires to have closure and should be the last book in this series. Although there may be plenty of opportunities to continue in this world, my mind is bouncing around other worlds.

I hope people enjoy it and I intend to get it in paper form shortly. . . so much to do. I still have about seven to ten other novels that need polishing, editing and are screaming for attention. The Aelfsward series alone is planned out to about book 7 or 8 and I’m only on book #3. The problem there is that originally I only intended for The Return to be a single book. That didn’t quite work out did it?

Well now. Back to editing. Enjoy!

Please write a review if you like the book. If you don’t please send me a message. Thank you!

The link for the book is http://bit.ly/1tg2yHJ2

The Return: The Conglomerate Trilogy (Volume 1)

Sequels and Sequels

SFBabe2 copySo those who know me, know that I usually have several different projects ‘in the works’.  Currently with National Novel Writer’s month I began the sequel for The Return.  This has encouraged me to go back to the original.  Now with the sequels I have frequently found myself going back to edit some detail in the first book.  This has occurred quite a bit with my Aelfsward series (I’m on book 3 right now!).

I’m also working on some books on writing Military SF, some more books for Airsoft, and if that is not enough, a book on computer consulting.

With so many projects going on some might think that I am ADHD and Thanksgiving is coming, I’m really looking forward to eating ham and turkey, and lots of it but of course I will have to spend more time in the dojo to work it off and I plan on going through my paperback collection to find some of my favorites to reread, maybe get in kindle format, BUT perhaps you get the idea?

At any rate, I’m working on Book Two of  “The Return” called “The Darkness”.  I am finding out this is a brutal process.  Just like the Aelfsward series it appears there is a LOT more tell than a trilogy since the Darkness is coming to the Conglomerate, civil war is errupting and humanity is likely to be caught right in the middle of it all.  Yea.  I don’t think I can fit that into three books unless I cut some corners, and every time I try to do THAT I find I’m in a maze and corners just don’t work that way in a maze.  Sooo. . . .

I do want to get back to Incidental Elf though.  Getting a lot of good feedback from my writers group.

One problem I am finding with all these projects is my reading time is next to nil.  I’m not reading nearly as many books.  Just doesn’t seem to be time for them, or gaming.  I haven’t played Destiny in about a month, it has been a while since I played Elite Dangerous as well.

Another reason I’m looking forward to the vacations.  More time  to spend WRITING, maybe reading.  When I get dragged off to ‘visit’ family or inlaws I usually manage to get in some good reading time.  Haven’t done much artwork either.  Too busy writing.

I don’t know.  We will find out.  But I have managed over 59K words on the book “The Darkness”.  Now I should get back to writing.  I did create a picture of some of the ships Luke is serving on though.  From right to left.  The Leonis Ultio, the Proud Infidel and. . . to be determined.  TBD is 5K long and actually more black like the Ultio but it is a start.3ShipsC

NaNoWriMo 2015

So, I’ve started the sequel to “The Return” for NaNoWriMo.  I’m at 23K words in and waiting for my second wind to kick in, only 423 words in a couple hours. . . any time now.

At any rate, lots of writerly things going on for me know.  For work I have to compile a lot of data and write a report on it, going to a writer’s group here in the Northern KY area, editing other novels and of course NaNoWriMo.

Trying to make more friends in the area as well and not neglect the family.  It is a juggling act.  Time to get back at it.  Below is Leonessa, Luke and Musashi, just fooling around with art.

Luke Leonessa and Musashi

The Funk

Welcome to the funk.  Happens every so often.  A minor setback is just demoralizing.  Maybe I’m not getting enough exercise, competing enough, etc.  Regardless I have entered funk where I’m not doing much writing.

I’ve ‘finished’ book two of the Incidental Elf series.   Actually, book 2 was getting to be very long and wasn’t close to being finished, so I found a good spot and broke it off into book 3, and there I have stopped.  Almost a fifth of the way into it (23,327 words) and there I have stumbled and fallen into my funk.

Meh.  I’m not really in the mood to socialize because when I’m in a funk I can also be something of an asshole. . . or maybe I’m less tolerant of stupid.  Either way, I should avoid social interaction.

Why whine about it?  It is a plea for help, for. . . no.  LMFAO.  Not really.  I’m just whining 🙂  I’ll kick my self in the ass and get in gear eventually.  I’m the only person that can, I’m the only person that can motivate me.

Plus I’m waiting for the X-box to finish installing updates so I can kill things.  That usually helps my mood.  Sometimes.

Either way.  Who cares.  X-box should be done by now.


Always Learning

So even in the 40’s I have to go take exams and study like a crazy person.  This weekend was spent doing little more than studying for XenMobile as I have an interesting but high level exam starting on Tuesday.  I have 24 hours to complete it. . . . if that tells you anything.

That will be in addition to a regular work day.  Fun!  I would much rather be spending time with the family, writing or artwork.  C’est la vie.

But I HAVE been thinking about “The UnderRealms”  the intrepid companions are about to have a run-in with a mob of dark ones and the Breek. . . .


Military-SF: Infantry Combat

MilitarySF-GROUNDSo many ongoing projects. One side project is plagurizing my website and creating an actual book for writers on Military Science Fiction. Already it is 92,000 words long and has several sections I still have not written. There are also two more books on the drawing board in various states of completion I plan to have in the serious.

Infantry combat will incorporate lots of info from my website, along with more psychological, physiological information, a more detailed list of weapons, munitions, cybernetic modifications, biological modifications, battle armor components, space born assault, infantry tactics, etc.  LOTS of stuff.

The first is simply Infantry Combat and takes away a lot from my website www.military-sf.com along with a lot of new material and research. The second will be Space Combat which will have numerous details and information on ship building, physics, space borne operations, sensors, etc. The third book will be vehicular combat, from tanks, to mechs, to fighter squadrons.

I plan on using some sections from the first book in the other two in order to make each book a stand alone, with information on Strategy VS Operational VS tactical levels, designing militaries, etc, with each section customized for the specific book.

The website is also taking up some time and I have to update my other website http://theairsoftbible.com.

For whatever reason my databases got corrupted and caused me to lose ALL my site settings, blogs, comments, etc. While using the ‘way-back’ machine has allowed me to capture some of it, there is a lot of work to be done and work is going to be keeping me busy between exams and all the travel.

So very much to do.  I think I need another vacation.

The Under Realms

So while on vacation I got a little writing done.  Made some pretty good progress plot wise and discovered something that had been bothering me for a while.  Seriously.  What good is a magic sword when fighting a dragon?  Do you REALLY think you could get close enough to stab it before it burned you, sliced you to ribbons with its claws or bit you in half?  Let’s not go into the acidic blood or magical abilities. . . . walking up and sticking a sword into a dragon is just a quick, painful way to die.

Maybe.  Now however the intrepid companions are faced with the Great Rift.  A massive slash in the mountains, thousands of feet deep and hundreds of feet across.  It is said to swarm with dragon.  If the dark one army and the demon behind them is not enough incentive then maybe being underground in an earthquake prone area is?  I’m starting to wonder how they will get across without getting eaten.  Should be fun.

Currently at 98,009 words.

It is probably going to stay there for a while since I have a couple exams that I have to study like crazy for.  <sigh>


Rebuild Continues

So I’m continuing to rebuild and redesign my websites.  Three were toasted with the recent database ‘corruption’.

www.milsf.com (aka www.military-sf.com)

Now I think MILSF is up and going again.  I’ve even added some new articles but I want to go through all the old links and put redirects in them to send people from the old webpage to the new one.  That should take a while.

This site, williamSFrisbee.com is also almost back in business although I’ve lost so many of my blog entries.  It is kind of depressing.  I won’t rely on provider to do backups anymore though.

My vacation is also over 🙁  Now it is back to work.  I have a pretty full schedule and might be spending a lot of time away from home.  Again.  It sure would be nice if I could become a best selling author and ‘retire’ to write full time.


Marine Corps Reunion in Denver Colorado

Got back yesterday from a Marine Corps Reunion in Denver Colorado.  Got to spend time with some of my Marine brothers, did some skeet shooting and a lot of talking and listening.


I have volunteered to host next year.  I already miss those guys.