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The Socialist Union is collapsing as the Directorate struggles to maintain control.  With hostile aliens on the borders and civil unrest ripping apart the fifteen worlds, the job of the 67th Legion, the prestigious EagleGuard, is becoming more difficult every day.  They are pulled back from the border to deal with the anarchist rebels who seem intent on destroying everything the human race has built.

Legionnaire Sergeant Marc Lucas is accepted into the legion’s Heart Guard, the secretive elite of the elite.  On his first mission in the Heart Guard his flight is tasked with destroying a ragged old freighter full of men, women and children fleeing to the Free Worlds, a cesspit where humans are enslaved and abused by aliens.  The murder of innocent civilians sends him into a dark inner hell that forces him to flee his legion, the only home he has ever known.

Lost, wounded and alone in the depths of space he is saved from his murderous ex-comrades by a one of the mythical Firecats.  Thought to be extinct the Firecats are known as psychotic telepaths who are no longer human and capable of shattering a person’s mind with a mere thought and destroying warships with a snap of their fingers.

Marc soon learns the Firecat came for him, even if she doesn’t know why.