About Me


I’m a former Marine veteran.  I grew up in Europe during the cold war, going to an American High School for military dependents.  It was very formative.  Then I joined the Marines (despite most of my family being Army).

I like to read and write Science Fiction, some Fantasy and some history (mostly military history).  Various religions and religious ideologies also interest me.

The jobs I have held are numerous and somewhat varied.  From administrative assistant in an office, to US Marine Infantry Squad leader, to Security Lieutenant, to help desk technician to Computer consultant.  I have traveled quite a bit.  Living in Europe (Germany) for about eight years, I have lived in various states (Hawaii, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida and Kentucky).  I have lived in Okinawa and traveled to Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

These days I’m a computer consultant, a husband and a dad.  Thank you for visiting.


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