This series is a prequel to a trilogy written about 20+ years ago.  This story occurs hundreds of years before, during the Racial Wars, the Wizard’s genocide, the fall of Shenaren and the time when hordes of dark ones spilled out of their mountain lairs to fall upon and massacre the people of the surface.  It is a dark time when heroes are desperately needed. 

Incidental Elf:  Aelfsward

Book #1

Waking up naked on a rock in the middle of a natural pool is bad, not remembering your name or your past is even worse. The hungry looking cat the size of a bear on the shore watching you is not a comforting assurance that you bad day will end soon in a good way.


Sometimes, when a good soul is so tortured, world weary and seeking oblivion an ancient forest will take in that lost soul, love it, nurture it and heal it. Once healed these formerly broken souls become the most valiant defenders of the forest and the realms.


This is the story of Aelfsward, the incidental elf.

Incidental Elf:  The UnderRealms

Book #2

Pursued by a legion of dark ones and a demon with a grudge, Aelfsward leads his new companions into the Under Realms where they are reunited with some lost companions and become embroiled in the politics and wars of the Under Realms.

The undead and secret alliances seek to interfere with the companions journey.

Incidental Elf:  The Dragon’s Mouth

Book #3

With the legions of Chakal closing in they must flee the dark elf city and escape to the underground wastelands.  With death ahead of them and an unpassable chasm in front of them the companions find new allies and new enemies.

With secret legions lying in wait to spring their ambush, the Dwarven kingdom of the Ruskan allied with dragons and the dark lord they may never see the light of day.

The cover is a work in progress.  So is the blurb.  The story is written though, just needs editing.

Incidental Elf:  Fortress Basilisk

Book #4

Hunted by dragons, dark ones, blood masters and more, they must stay ahead of the legions of dark ones that are conquering everything in their path as they pour out of the Skull Mountains.

With the loss of a companion this book is a little on the dark side.  They are not winning the battle as the legions of Vakar invade the surface kingdoms, putting everyone and everything to the torch.

Incidental Elf:  Fall of Shenaren

Book #5

The Wizard’s Genocide has begun as the magical city of Shenaren falls to Vakar and the common people turn on the only people that can save them from Vakar and Brathius.


Demoralized and beaten, Aelfsward and his surviving companions flee to the west, hoping to link up with those free people that can still oppose Vakar and his minions.

Incidental Elf:  Armies of Daylight

Book #6

Supported by dragons and an unstoppable cadre of davanti wizards, it seems nothing can stop Vakar’s onslaught.

Aelfsward and Duke Cree work together to fight against the dark ones and build an army that can oppose them.

Incidental Elf:  Battle of Darkstone

Book #7

It is the last bastion, the last hope and the forces of Vakar are moving to besiege it.

If Fortress Darkstone falls, so does the last hope for freedom.