The Return

He held the line but lost everything that matters.

Luke Kishi held the line against crushing odds. Shattering the enemy fleet cost him his wife but before she died, she made him promise to live. Can he keep his promise when he is forced to become a mercenary?

Saved and now alone, the colonists of New Alamo find themselves in a stagnating alien empire called the Conglomerate, a harsh and unforgiving society ruled by the Topa. To survive and keep New Alamo safe, Luke becomes a mercenary, wishing for death, but honor bound to live.

When Luke receives a mission that sends him to a distant corner of the Conglomerate he must find something worth living for besides honor, or the entire human race will exterminated. The Topa have plans for humanity, but can the hero of Naantali keep his promise?

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The Return
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About the Author
William S. Frisbee Jr.

Reader, writer, martial artist, US Marine, Veteran, Squad Leader, Team Leader, Saw Gunner, Rifleman, Computer Consultant, Security Officer, Dungeon Master, world traveler, Computer Gamer, dreamer, realist, American and best of all Dad!

Growing up in Europe during the height of the cold war and then serving in a Marine SOC (Special Operations Capable) Battalion during the collapse of Communism provided a lot of life experience and a unique perspective on life and the world. The first novel he read was Jules Vern's 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' when he was ten and has been reading ever since.

Before the Marines he was a pocket protector wearing nerd, after the Marines he held jobs as a Security officer/Patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant and other odd specialized jobs like body guard or surveillance, and ended up brushing off the pocket protector to become a Computer Consultant.

These days he dreams of quitting his day job as a computer consultant to work full time as a writer and dad.

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