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The Return Pt. 5

Okay.  I made it past the 33K mark.  Great!  So much I want to cram into the story before they meet.  Managed to put in some explanation about higher level droids and lower level droids.  I see them like this.  The higher level droids learn like humans (well, maybe faster actually) and are more humanlike.  They are smart, have personalities and if they die, they are dead.  No backup because their digital brains are too complex.  Like humans they also forget, which I think is a key to original thinking and problem solving.  If you remember everything and run into a problem you can spend a long time trying to map that problem to your experiences OR you extropolate too much OR try to gain too much information so you can make a good decision.  If you forget you get used to dealing with that and making quicker decisions based on less information.  Mistakes happen but you learn and those mistakes impact your subconscious.


So.  Today’s picture is of the three main higher level droids.  I threw it together kind of quick.  On the left is Gray (named after the Marine Commandant Al Gray who spearheaded Maneuver Warfare in the US Marines).  Gray is Luke’s Marine commander, responsible for the assault units.  He is green because all Marines are green.

Nelson, named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, is an English Naval war hero.  Gray and Nelson tend to bicker a lot as well it appears (Jarheads VS Squids).  He is blue to signify his origins, the ocean.

The last one is Musashi, named after Moritomo Musashi, the greatest swordsman that ever lived.  Musashi is Luke’s personal trainer and when possible body guard, a true specialist in individual combat.  He is one hard ass, sadistic son of a bitch who tends to be very hard on Luke and now Luke’s ‘apprentices’.  On the flip side Luke is pretty hard on Musashi too but Musashi provides a good outlet for Lukes frustration and aggression, more often then not kicking Luke’s ass and teaching him humility.  He is black and unfathomable.

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