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Republic of Lions

Republic of Lions

Training for peace does not prepare you for war.

The Socialist Union has declared war on the Leonis Republic and it is a war the Republic knows it can't win.

The last time a large empire declared war on the smaller Republic an uneasy truce was reached. This time lines may have to be crossed that will cost the soul of those warriors.

Eric Spears is the nephew of the great Colonel Mike Spears. Hero of the Han war. Can he follow in his uncle's foot steps?

The Socialist Union might be the least of the Republic's worries. Something else lurks in the darkness, something that has destroyed space faring nations in the past and the drums of war are awakening it.

This story will also be published at Royal Road, Inkitt and Wattpad (more locations may follow)




Royal Road

Series: Republic of Lions, Book 1
Genres: Science Fiction, Writing
Tag: WIP
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About the Author
William S. Frisbee Jr.

Reader, writer, martial artist, US Marine, Veteran, Squad Leader, Team Leader, Saw Gunner, Rifleman, Computer Consultant, Security Officer, Dungeon Master, world traveler, Computer Gamer, dreamer, realist, American and best of all Dad!

Growing up in Europe during the height of the cold war and then serving in a Marine SOC (Special Operations Capable) Battalion during the collapse of Communism provided a lot of life experience and a unique perspective on life and the world. The first novel he read was Jules Vern's 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' when he was ten and has been reading ever since.

Before the Marines he was a pocket protector wearing nerd, after the Marines he held jobs as a Security officer/Patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant and other odd specialized jobs like body guard or surveillance, and ended up brushing off the pocket protector to become a Computer Consultant.

These days he dreams of quitting his day job as a computer consultant to work full time as a writer and dad.

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