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Is here.  I’m working on book #4 of the Aelfsward/Incidental Elf series.  This book starts as the companions leave the under realms and covers their journey to Shenaren and the trials they experience.  They must keep the dragon sword away from the Dark Lord Vakar and his demonic ally Brathius.

Hunted by dragons, dark ones, blood masters and more, they must stay ahead of the legions of dark ones that are conquering everything in their path as they pour out of the Skull Mountains.

With the loss of a companion this book is a little on the dark side.  They are not winning the battle as the legions of Vakar invade the surface kingdoms, putting everyone and everything to the torch.

By the end of the book I expect the companions to reach the Mage Council and the city of Shenaren and that is likely when the real shit will hit the proverbial fan.

The cover is a work in progress and is merely a place holder while I figure out what I want long term.  Thank you!







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