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The Last Marines – The Collective

I’m getting very close to finishing the next arc, close being a very relative term. With a full time job I usually get up at 4am to procrastinate and maybe get some writing done, and the writing project varies.

On a positive note, I’m working on Book #10 which is tentatively titled “Mother Earth”. I know where I want it to end (since I wrote part of it in chapter #1 of book #7) but there are a number of steps required to get there.

Book #10 also won’t be the last one, just the end of the arc. It is a struggle to keep things fresh and new in a long series. It is very easy to re-hash old stories but I think I’m going to evade that for now.

Spoiler alert. The vanhat are NOT defeated and are only growing more powerful, SOG is not completely gone, and new threats are emerging. All of which will come to something of a conclusion in book #10, although I might have to make a book #11 to conclude this arc because books #7 and #8 are kinda long and #9 will be pushing it. I haven’t even done my first draft walk through/edit yet and that tends to add several thousand words.

This is SOG administrator Enzell. NOT a good guy.

But, #10 will leave off with an expedition into the unknown and I will expect the third arc to have a Star Blazer/Battle Star Galactica type vibe, which might tell you how bad things are going to get in Sol….

Here is the beginning of book #7, yet more hints where it is going. I figure I should do a recap and set the stage for this arc. It should be noted that I have yet to decide (starting book #10) if Stathis will actually be a commandant or if he is just being Stathis and talking shit. . . it could go either way. It will be exciting to find out!

My name is Commandant Zale Stathis. I am the first and possibly last Commandant of the Wolf Legion.
We are leaving mother Earth, to save the human race. I honestly don’t know if we will survive because if we don’t, humanity is doomed. You will find this final recording in Quantico Virginia, the last bastion and finest fortress of the United States Marines.
Our lines are collapsing The moon has been overrun. The front lines on Earth are collapsing. Only fortress Quantico on Earth remains strong and the vanhat probe our lines daily. White Heron Fortress in Jupiter also stands but we don’t know for how much longer. We thought we could turn Sol into a fortress and we were wrong.
I don’t have much time so I need to fill you in. Hopefully you are not some bug-eyed monster that evolved from humanity after we failed to stop the vanhat. If you are, nothing personal.
These are dark times and so much has occurred, I don’t know where to begin. These aren’t my last words though. I hope to engrave those on some demon’s forehead like Sergeant Levin. We’ll see. I have a trusted k-bar like he did. Hopefully you don’t know what I’m talking about, but in time you will. I’m rambling though. I’m several hundred years old so I’m entitled. For us humans that is a long time and to go that long without, um, nevermind.

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