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The Return (version 2)

Kishi-8bFinally. After extensive edits and updates “The Return” is available again.

There are a couple reasons for the edits. The primary reason is that I have finished Book #2 – The Darkness, and I am working on Book #3 – New Empires.

The Return had several loose ends, and some people might have thought there were plot holes (Like why DID the Caliphate have wormhole generators on their ships? Sorry, that isn’t answered until book #3). Yes. Book #2 does not answer all of them, although the answer is there. Book #3 New Empires should finalize the series I believe, and let me go onto the many other projects. It is my intent for New Empires to have closure and should be the last book in this series. Although there may be plenty of opportunities to continue in this world, my mind is bouncing around other worlds.

I hope people enjoy it and I intend to get it in paper form shortly. . . so much to do. I still have about seven to ten other novels that need polishing, editing and are screaming for attention. The Aelfsward series alone is planned out to about book 7 or 8 and I’m only on book #3. The problem there is that originally I only intended for The Return to be a single book. That didn’t quite work out did it?

Well now. Back to editing. Enjoy!

Please write a review if you like the book. If you don’t please send me a message. Thank you!

The link for the book is http://bit.ly/1tg2yHJ2

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