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The Funk

Welcome to the funk.  Happens every so often.  A minor setback is just demoralizing.  Maybe I’m not getting enough exercise, competing enough, etc.  Regardless I have entered funk where I’m not doing much writing.

I’ve ‘finished’ book two of the Incidental Elf series.   Actually, book 2 was getting to be very long and wasn’t close to being finished, so I found a good spot and broke it off into book 3, and there I have stopped.  Almost a fifth of the way into it (23,327 words) and there I have stumbled and fallen into my funk.

Meh.  I’m not really in the mood to socialize because when I’m in a funk I can also be something of an asshole. . . or maybe I’m less tolerant of stupid.  Either way, I should avoid social interaction.

Why whine about it?  It is a plea for help, for. . . no.  LMFAO.  Not really.  I’m just whining 🙂  I’ll kick my self in the ass and get in gear eventually.  I’m the only person that can, I’m the only person that can motivate me.

Plus I’m waiting for the X-box to finish installing updates so I can kill things.  That usually helps my mood.  Sometimes.

Either way.  Who cares.  X-box should be done by now.


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