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The Last Marines (Book 2): Darkness Rising

Book #2, Darkness Rising is now available. This is actually the second half of book #1. When I wrote this series during National Novel Writers Month in November of 2018 the goal was to get to 50K in one month. I did nearly 120K. When I sat down to review it I realized there was still so much more and 120K was too big for just one book.

So. I broke it up into two books, though neither one tell the complete story and that does not come until book #6. There really is a lot going on. Reviewing book #6 I have discovered yet more ‘loose ends’ and I can’t post about them without spoilers, so I won’t.

As of this time nobody has read book #6: Valhalla Awaits and that does kind of worry me. So far the response to book #1 has been excellent. I know book #2 may be better than #1 and so far book #3 is one of my favorites. Speeding across a continent on dune buggies in a race against time as a nuclear strike prepares to eradicate all life.

Book #2 though, Darkness Rising, is pretty cool with an orbital assault drop supported by a battlestar of the Republic. Escaping from another station being overrun by vanhat and an undercover mission to a SOG planet to find the scientist Tristan.

The series is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5WRRMPB


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