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Gods of War

Now available! Gods Of War, book one of the Last Marine Series is now available from Amazon and is an imprint of Theogony books! The other five books are not far behind.

Please help me get the word out. Reviews help a LOT. Thank you!

I don’t ask for much but getting the word out and reviews are a BIG help. You are awesome!

The mission was supposed to be his last.

After more than twenty years in special operations, USMC Gunnery Sergeant Wolf Mathison wasn’t looking forward to retirement when—implanted with an experimental artificial intelligence—he deployed on his last mission with a platoon of Marine Raiders being sent to the Jovian moon Europa.

The USS Jefferson was destroyed en route, though, and only Mathison and three other Marines survived. Trapped in stasis, they were hurled into the outer reaches of the solar system, where they wouldn’t be found for hundreds of years.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the United States is destroyed and a fascist regime rises to power, expanding into the galaxy to plant its boot heel on the necks of humanity. But SOG, the Social Organizational Governance, is not unopposed, and researchers at a top-secret research outpost are working on a solution that will let SOG reign supreme. Unfortunately for the Marines, they’re awakened from stasis at the same time the researchers awaken a threat that endangers the entire human race.

The odds are against them, but that’s nothing new for the Marine Raiders.

Semper Fidelis and Semper Invictus!

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