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Rebuild Continues

So I’m continuing to rebuild and redesign my websites.  Three were toasted with the recent database ‘corruption’.

www.milsf.com (aka www.military-sf.com)

Now I think MILSF is up and going again.  I’ve even added some new articles but I want to go through all the old links and put redirects in them to send people from the old webpage to the new one.  That should take a while.

This site, williamSFrisbee.com is also almost back in business although I’ve lost so many of my blog entries.  It is kind of depressing.  I won’t rely on provider to do backups anymore though.

My vacation is also over 🙁  Now it is back to work.  I have a pretty full schedule and might be spending a lot of time away from home.  Again.  It sure would be nice if I could become a best selling author and ‘retire’ to write full time.


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