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The Under Realms

So while on vacation I got a little writing done.  Made some pretty good progress plot wise and discovered something that had been bothering me for a while.  Seriously.  What good is a magic sword when fighting a dragon?  Do you REALLY think you could get close enough to stab it before it burned you, sliced you to ribbons with its claws or bit you in half?  Let’s not go into the acidic blood or magical abilities. . . . walking up and sticking a sword into a dragon is just a quick, painful way to die.

Maybe.  Now however the intrepid companions are faced with the Great Rift.  A massive slash in the mountains, thousands of feet deep and hundreds of feet across.  It is said to swarm with dragon.  If the dark one army and the demon behind them is not enough incentive then maybe being underground in an earthquake prone area is?  I’m starting to wonder how they will get across without getting eaten.  Should be fun.

Currently at 98,009 words.

It is probably going to stay there for a while since I have a couple exams that I have to study like crazy for.  <sigh>


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