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The Airsoft Bible: Book of Tactics

The Airsoft Bible: Book of Tactics

Do unto others before they do unto you!

This is not about the ‘basics’ of Airsoft, but is designed for new players and advanced players. It is not a book that promises secret methods of defeating your enemies, what gear or what weapons to buy to be ‘uber’. This is a book on TACTICS. Methods, strategies, concepts, ideas and tricks to defeating your opponents, it is about teamwork and it is about making sense of the chaos.

This book will not teach you how to shoot more accurately or teach you tricks that give you instant battle field supremacy. This is a book for warriors who intend to take the fight to the enemy, who use their brain, their fighting prowess, and skill to defeat their opponent.

This book covers the art of tactics as they apply to firefights. Drawn from decades of experience, numerous manuals, guides and interviews (AKA BS Sessions). This book covers US Marine, US Army, Special Operations, British, French Foreign Legion, Soviet Tactics and more. With information and unit organization, tactical doctrine, methods and weapon load out oriented toward Airsoft.

For the beginning or advanced Airsoft and Paintball warrior this book this book will help make sense of some of the chaos on the battle field, provide ideas, insight and methods and increase the lethality of your team.

If you don’t have it the enemy probably will. Can you take that chance?

This book is one of the Airsoft Bible series.

Do unto others before they do unto you!

Series: Airsoft Bible, Book 2
Genre: Airsoft
Tags: Published, Recommended Books
ISBN: 1466449098
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About the Author
William S. Frisbee Jr.

Reader, writer, martial artist, US Marine, Veteran, Squad Leader, Team Leader, Saw Gunner, Rifleman, Computer Consultant, Security Officer, Dungeon Master, world traveler, Computer Gamer, dreamer, realist, American and best of all Dad!

Growing up in Europe during the height of the cold war and then serving in a Marine SOC (Special Operations Capable) Battalion during the collapse of Communism provided a lot of life experience and a unique perspective on life and the world. The first novel he read was Jules Vern's 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' when he was ten and has been reading ever since.

Before the Marines he was a pocket protector wearing nerd, after the Marines he held jobs as a Security officer/Patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant and other odd specialized jobs like body guard or surveillance, and ended up brushing off the pocket protector to become a Computer Consultant.

These days he dreams of quitting his day job as a computer consultant to work full time as a writer and dad.

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