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Brass Inc.

Brass Inc.

Rick Walker is a veteran, but he is now the newest scout sniper now with BRASS Inc, the finest scout snipers in the Guild! They infiltrate unseen, identify, and terminate targets, then exfiltrate undetected after delivering surgical destruction. Assault troopers love them paving the way & clearing obstacles, 'cause BRASS gives'm the edge to overwhelm!

Now, a company of mercs aims rescue a scientist held in a jungle fortress but they might have a traitor in their ranks and they call on BRASS Inc's finest. Though newly assembled, this BRASS team will provide the recon, stealth and firepower needed to pull off this impossible mission. If anyone can breach the enemy compound and find the biologist for the assault team it is these guys.


Now Rick has to prove himself and show that he has what it takes, especially when everyone, including the woman he loves, wants him to fail. When everything starts to go wrong, he finds himself the only one at the objective and if he doesn’t succeed everyone is going to die.

Just another day. BRASS (Balls) Included.

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Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Seventh Seal Press
Publication Year: 2023
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