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Dragon Guard

Death is a new beginning.

When he died an ancient tired god took Lucas and sent him to an alien world with dinosaurs, dragons, elves and demons to be his champion.

Thrust into an underground hell Lucas must escape to find his destiny.

Dragon Guard:  Sunrise

Dragon Guard: Sunrise

Series: Dragon Guard, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Writing
Tag: WIP

Lucas dies of old age, but an ancient, tired God needs a champion to save a world. Marine veteran, martial artist.  Does Lucas have what it takes to be the champion?

The clash of honor calls. Lucas must stand where others fall.

This is my work in progress for National Novel Writer's Month 2020 and I intend for this to be the beginning of a series called "The Dragon Guard".

EVERYTHING is a work in progress right now.  Essentially Lucas finds himself on another world, in a different part of the galaxy.  A world where magic, demons and dragons are real.

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Dragon Guard:  The White Dragon

Dragon Guard: The White Dragon

Series: Dragon Guard, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Tag: WIP

Returning to civilization, Lucas discovers his problems are just beginning.  Meeting with people that he rescued he learns that red haired elves are the pariahs of elven culture.  Ages ago they were the ones that betrayed the civilized races to the demons, sundering the civilization of man, tuskers, arkers, elves and dragons.

With a young dragon and a fierce elven warrior maid as a companion he will begin to get answers and set things right.

While Gloria leads a rebellion, Lucas goes south to find the last priest of Osran and find out what happened and what is so significant about the white dragon, Shushana, who has been rejected by dragon society.

Hounded by drogue and traitorous elves, Lucas must find answers or die trying.

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Dragon Guard:  The Black Dragon

Dragon Guard: The Black Dragon

Series: Dragon Guard, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
Tag: WIP

The ancient sundering left the civilized people divided, robbing them of their dragon allies.

Lucas must lead the remnants of Osran's own to the lost city to close the gate before the demons pour through, but to unite the dragons and elves he must find the Black Dragon or there will be no unity.

Nobody has seen a black dragon in over two thousand years and time is running out.

This book is a Work In Progress and is not yet written.

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