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Writing Military Science Fiction

Writing Military Science Fiction:  Infantry

Writing Military Science Fiction: Infantry

A crucial reference for writers of military science fiction and a priceless resource for other writers. What goes on during a firefight? What does a Staff Sergeant do? A Corporal? A Lieutenant?  A Captain? How big is a company? How far can troops march in a day? What are the mechanics of an orbital assault drop? Why aren’t all soldiers equipped with machine guns? How many Marines are in a squad and what are their jobs? What is the French Foreign Legion equivalent of a sergeant? What does adrenaline do to a human body? This book also covers things like types of armor, weapons, biotechnology, cybernetics, psionics and so much more.

Over 250 pages of crucial knowledge and numerous links to more detailed information. With some information from www.MilSF.com it contains a very significant amount of new information and updated sections.

This guide can help answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

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