It is coming.   Time to prepare!

Writing Military Science Fiction

So here I go again.  Starting to work on Writing Military Science Fiction:  Infantry for them moment.  Well.  Until November when National Novel Writer’s Month begins, then I will begin working on Incidental Elf:  Fortress Basilisk which is book #4 of the IE series.

Writing Military Science Fiction is cool in that I have rank structures for many different military forces, from American to Chinese to Soviet to French to British.  Ranks, unit organization and more.  It will have the physical and psychological impact of combat (what happens when adrenaline hits the system), how long it takes to march somewhere, the limits of the physical body, the day to day life of a soldier/Marine, and lots more.

It will also be a resource book listing different cybernetic abilities, biotech, weapon types and so much more.  Should be over 100K in words easy.  A typical novel is about 100K.

But on November 1st National Novel Writer’s month begins.  The goal is to write 50K words of a novel in the month of November.  I’ve done it for several years and never failed.  Books I have completed are one book in the Incidental Elf, two books in the Conglomerate Trilogy, and one other Science Fiction book.  Info is here 

Now.  Enough blathering on.  Time to get writing.

New Empires

New Empires is ready.  I could spend the rest of my life trying to polish the series but I think it is time to finish it and move on to other things.  The Darkness was released on the 2nd and New Empires will be released on October 1st, 2017.  Really, all I’m waiting on is the proof of New Empires before the print version is available.  It is available for pre-order until then.

I’ve also gone through my books and settings trying to make sure everything is consistent.  In addition to finalizing the Conglomerate Series I think my next project will be The Airsoft Bible series.  Time to revamp it and release book #3 Book of Tactics which will be individual user tactics and techniques.  Still much to be done there.  I’ve redone Book of Comm but it is mostly cosmetic and removing some old information.

New Empires: The Conglomerate Trilogy (Volume 3)


The Darkness

Finally.  The Darkness will be released on September 2nd, 2017.  It has been a while.  Part of the hold up has been I believed it would be best if I finished book #3 before releasing book #2.  I am now done with New Empires which is the final book in the trilogy and it feels good.

The Darkness: The Conglomerate Trilogy (Volume 2)
Trying to avoid spoilers, in Book #2 the Conglomerate begins to collapse as Luke and Leonessa get attacked and hunted in some dark systems.

Book #3 New Empires picks up right after a battle in the Bronkaw’s home system, as the Caliphate, New Alamo and Jupiter Alliance all begin to clash while the Conglomerate continues to fall apart.

The Darkness by William S. Frisbee Jr

The Return

“The Return” has just been relaunched. I have updated the cover and it has undergone more editing. I am preparing to release the sequel which is “The Darkness” and it will be available on August 2nd, 2017. Also by that time I expect to have the printed versions of the books available. I have already ordered proof’s for review. Book #3 “New Empires” Is also completed and just needs some rewrites/edits before it can be released. Right now I am anticipating releasing it in October maybe. One primary goal of the relaunch has been to ‘re-brand’ the covers so they are consistent, hopefully catch they eye and are superior.  The full covers also feature the primary ship.  In The Return it is the Leonis Ultio, in the Darkness it is the Proud Infidel and in book #3 it is the battleship Tigress.  The Return is available now at

The Darkness

The Darkness is an interesting book in my opinion because there really is too much to put in one book. The Conglomerate begins to slide into war as the stagnation and rot is poked by external forces, lurking at the edge of the Conglomerate. Humanity, soon to be a key player in this war, is too busy bickering with itself to realize the bigger danger. New Alamo, Athena, the Jupiter Alliance, the Xu’an Dynasty and the Caliphate are all mobilizing and preparing to fight each other, completely ignoring other threats. Of course book #2 ends as the threat is revealed and the shit is really starting to roll down hill. Nobody sees the big picture, just their little slice and they think they are the center of the maelstrom.  The Darkness is available at

New Empires

Book #3 is the fall of the Conglomerate and the end of an epoch. Luke is the cornerstone and the tipping point at which the human race will be enslaved or freed.

After I finish book #3 I plan on getting out Book #1 of my Writing Military Science Fiction series. Lots of work to be done.

Thank you and Semper Fi.

Below are the covers for the new books. Book #3 may still undergo some small changes though but #1 and #2 are undergoing final review.

Thank you for reading the post.  I hope you enjoy the books.

Semper Fi


Long time no see

Wow.  It has been a while since I wrote anything.  A lot has been going on.  Book #2 for Aelfsward is finished.  Book #3 is finished.  A new book “Phoenix Warriors” is mostly finished (at least past the 50K mark required for NaNoWriMo).

Now I’m concentrating on editing Book #2 of the Conglomerate series.  I have written almost 70% of book #3 titled “New Empires”.  I would like to have book #3 finished when I release book #2 because of the way #2 ends.  Major battle but there are a lot of loose ends just not enough room in book #2 to tie them up.  Hence, like Book #2 picking up immediately after Book #1, Book #3 picks up after book #2.

When I write I generally have an idea where I want to end up.  Sometimes getting there is the challenge.  While the journey never changes the destination, sometimes the line between A and B is not very exciting, which is not good writing.

To be honest I will be glad when I can put #3 down and be done with it.  The series was fun but I would like to move on. . . just have to finish it first.

Aelfsward: The Under Realms

So I have started the initial edit of Aelfsward:  Under Realms.  I have my work cut out for me.  This is Chapter 1 so far.  Suggestions?  Thank you.

Warning:  Potential Spoiler Alert for book #1

Aelfsward:  Under Realms

By William S. Frisbee

The darkness tried to suffocate me, closing in, threatening me as I stood in a small, shrinking pool of light.  My feet disappeared into the shadows.

A soft whisper came from the emptiness.

“I will devour your soul.”

There were eyes upon me and the whispering in the darkness made little sense.  Clenching my fists I would not go down easy.  My pants would not protect me from claws or razor-sharp teeth, but I had fists and teeth of my own.

A shiver ran down my spine.

Unarmed and unarmored, the surrounding darkness was not empty, and the light was dying.  My heart hammered in my chest and there wasn’t enough air to breath.  A coldness reached into me and made my bones ache.

“I will destroy your forest, it will be burned to the ground along with everything in it,” a familiar voice whispered.  “You have stolen what is mine.”

I moved my head around, trying to find where the voice came from.  It seemed to come from everywhere.

“But I will not kill you,” the speaker said.  “No.  That would be a mercy.  Nor will I let you devolve into insanity.”

The whispering in the darkness grew in volume as more whisperers joined the chorus.

“I know your crimes,” the voice told me, amused.  “I will help you remember them.  Every single one.  I will let you relive them as they shred your soul with their evil.”

“All talk and no play,” I said to the shadows.  I failed to keep the fear and indecision out of my voice and the darkness laughed at me.

There is no rush,” the voice whispered in my ear, like a sultry lover.  “You will have all of eternity to suffer.  You did not kill me, that is impossible, but you have angered me.  That is also a lesser crime.  I will return to your pathetic little world and when I do, your forest will burn.”

A hand with razor-sharp claws slashed out of the shadows to rake my chest, disappearing back into the darkness before I could get a look at it, but results remained.  The cuts on upper body were oozing blood and stung.  My attacker had struck at me from the front and I had been helpless.

“I will not kill all your friends,” the voice said.  “No.  They will become my slaves and suffer for your crimes.  They will be violated in every way imaginable, just as I will violate your soul and everything you hold dear.  Your forest will be destroyed for protecting you.  That is within my power.”

The blood on my chest slid down to my stomach and lower.

In the darkness a pair of eyes opened.  White milky, sightless orbs, that locked upon me.

More eyes opened.  In seconds I was surrounded by blind eyes, staring at me.

“You are alone,” the voice said.  “There is no one to save you.  I will find you.  The forest cannot hide you or what is mine.”

I turned around.  Looking in every direction, those deathly eyes stared at me.  There were too many to count.  I recognized those eyes as belonging to manes.  Slave soldiers from the depths of hell.  Long claws and sharp teeth seemed to gleam in the shadows and I had nothing more than my hands and bare skin.

“You are not alone,” a voice whispered in my ears.  A woman’s voice.  It filled me with warmth.  A long slender hand came to rest on my shoulder, a familiar hand.  Behind me a flame sprung to life and the surrounding manes backed up as the light from the fire revealed space around me.

Something large growled, but I found it comforting.  That growl warned others that I was not alone and I was not prey.

“I am not alone Brathius,” I yelled at the darkness.  My hand closed about the familiar hilt of my sword.  “I will not submit and I will defeat you again.”

The demon laughed.  I looked for him around me, looking for eyes that were different, some place to direct my attack but then I was falling.  Brathius had black eyes with a pupil of molten fire in the center and I couldn’t spot them.  The lifeless eyes of the manes faded into the darkness.

“Show yourself!” I yelled at Brathius.  “Coward!”

I struggled and awoke as I leapt to my feet, my hand clutching my sword, preparing to draw it from its sheath.

“Show yourself!” I yelled again and looked around me at my companions, they were now awake, pulled from their own slumber to stare at me as they grabbed their own weapons.

“It was a dream beloved,” Starlily whispered at me, holding my arm.  Her voice still filled me with warmth and I could hear just a trace of fear.  Chuff looked at me from the doorway to my home.  His eyes held knowledge and understanding.

The light from the dying cooking fire flickered in my cave, making the carving of cats, trees and waterfalls covering my walls look alive.

Forcing myself to relax I nodded.

“I’m sorry,” I said to my companions who relaxed.  A chill went down my spine.  I gripped my sword tightly to try and keep my hands from shaking.

Gothar, the over muscled dwarf leaned his axe against the wall and pulled his blanked over him.  Bren lay down and covered himself again with his cloak as Starlily pulled me back down to our sleeping area, holding me close.  I was weak for letting a bad dream do this to me.  I was in my home.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lady Windsong following me with her eyes, her expression unreadable in the shadows.

“It was just a dream,” Starlily said, but I knew better.  My chest was not oozing blood but I could trace where the blood should be flowing, it still stung.

I stared at the demon cursed dragon sword leaning against the wall near Bren and Nightbreeze.  It didn’t belong here.  Like the goblin dagger from so long ago, it defiled this place.

Shaking my head, I lay back down, trying to ignore the feeling that the sword was watching me, waiting.

IE3: The Dragon’s Mouth

The Dragon's Mouth

The Dragon's MouthFinally finished.  Originally I had planned on just having one book detailing Aelfsward’s journey through the Under Realms but it didn’t quite work out that way.  I realized at about the 108,000 word mark that I might have to break it apart and make create another novel.

Had I not stopped, then book #2 would have been 170K words.  Way too much for a typical novel, and this is BEFORE sending it through my editing process which tends to increase the size as I add more description, clarification and streamline the story.

The Novel “Incidental Elf: The Dragon’s Mouth” details his journey after the companions help the dark elf Rakala, someone I think will play a key role in later books.  She is something of a badass in her own right.  Ambitious, sassy, lethal, yet caring.  Another broken soul fighting for redemption and a place in the world of Aounuma.

In this novel the companions must traverse the wastes of Lelath, find a way across the Great Rift, traverse the Realms of the Blood Tribes, a nasty group of dark ones and then find a way to bypass the Halls of the Ruskan and escape the Dragon’s Mouth to the surface.  Of course the Great Rift is the home of dragons and the Blood Tribes are vassals of the dark lord Vakar, an ally of the demon Brathius.

Aelfsward Book 2In book #2, “Incidental Elf:  The Under Realms” the companions first enter the sunless world of endless caverns pursued by one of Vakar’s legions and his top lieutenant.  The Shadow Lords of Skane hijack the mission.  New allies and enemies are made and the story ends in the City State of Rodak, ruled by the dark elves.

Still a lot to do on that book with editing, streamlining and clarification.  Originally I stopped with book #2 at 108,000 words but I think I can transfer about 10,000 to book #3 to reduce it a bit. . . but that is before editing.  Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, book #1 “Incidental Elf:  Aelfsward” is being editing by my wonderful wife for grammar and punctuation.  I have sent off a couple proofs to some friends for review.  I plan on recreating and including a map, which means I will likely have to include a map of the under realms as well.  So much to do, so little time.

Special Thanks to David Baker for blasting through book #1 and giving me some recommendations.  Now I just need to review it again, reconsider covers, redo the proof and maybe release it.  Maybe. . . .

For now though I need to let the stories rest and ‘percolate’ in the back of my mind while I meander off and do something different.  Or maybe I start book #4?  Or maybe I start the final book for the Conglomerate series.  Decisions, decisions.  I also need to edit and publish book #2 “The Darkness”

Ceres 2525

I recently had the pleasure of reading Ceres 2525.  Couple reasons for me to blog about it but I won’t go into a lot of detail, other than to say the author is a former Marine, the hero is a good guy, if not a little too perfect for my taste, and I like the way he merged past and present without giving anything away yet still bringing both timelines to a successful conclusion.

The story is about a man named Ceres, after the source of his family’s wealth.  He strikes me as something of an arrogant, narcissistic do-gooder who actually has a reason to be arrogant.

The story revolves around Ceres as he is growing up and as he is searching for his mother, who was kidnapped by pirates when he was younger.  Part of his youth is growing up without his mother (or father) on a planet, kind of like a military academy for rich brats where they are protected and trained in a guarded environment.  Later he joins a group of do gooders (think the A-team) who help people in the space lanes.

The other part of his story revolves around finding his father, a pirate king, who is really something of a prick.  There is lots of action, fighting, martial arts.

I would recommend picking up a copy.  It is worth the read.

Thank you.

Aelfsward: The Dragon’s Mouth

A&SBeen a while getting back to it.  Too many things to do.  Never enough time.  Motivation flagging, I have stumbled and fallen.  Time to pick myself back up and stumble on.

I’ve been a little disheartened of late.  Welcome to life.

So I’m working on Book #3 of the Incidental Elf series, currently named “The Dragon’s Mouth”.  Still trapped in the under realms Aelfsward and his companions are still trying to find their way out, avoid getting eaten by dragons, killed by dark ones, dark elves, assorted undead and the local critters.  Originally I had planned to finish book #2 with them looking at the open sky again.  Didn’t work out that way, too much is happening in those lightless realms.

I did get a chance to reread one of my favorites “Warlock In Spite of Himself” by Christopher Stasheff.  I might resume the rest of the series.  Motivating.

Book #2 of the Conglomerate series is done but needs a review and edit, I also have a pretty good idea where the 3rd book (New Empires) of that series will go.  Right now it is all theoretical though.

Add in several other book projects. . . .I would like to do it full time but I can’t quite afford that yet.  C’est la vie.

Well.  Enough rambling.  I should get back to work.

Writer’s Dilemma to edit or to write?

MusashiandDuncanSo, I have just finished editing “The Return”.  I have also finished writing the sequel “The Darkness” and I have planned out enough of the final book “New Empires”.  After such a brutal round of editing I WANT to write, but I need to edit “The Darkness”.  I’m also getting a little concerned about book length.  Both of the books are over 100K and the goal was originally 80-90K.  For an e-book this isn’t a big deal but for a printed book it can be.  Every time I go back and edit, the book grows.  More description, more details, etc.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing.

Now when I read various articles about editing it recommends that you ‘put the book down’ for a bit before you edit it.  Okay.  But then I forget stuff, which complicates life when writing the sequel.  Then there is the problem of motivation on writing the sequel.  I want to, I have a lot of it planned, but I seem to be having a problem making the decision to start.

Of course there is also my other series, “The Incidental Elf” series that is begging for attention.  I have finished books 1 “Aelfsward” and 2 “The UnderRealms” and have a really good start on book 3 – “The Dragon’s Mouth”.  But that is not all!  I am also working on a series for Military Science Fiction Writers and I still have some Airsoft Bible books to finish (almost done with Warrior Tactics, just need to edit it and add some graphics).  Instead I’m here whining about it in my blog.  Too much to do it seems.  How to prioritize?  If that is not enough I have several other novels that just need editing;

When Heaven Gets Full
Ghosts of the Republic
IE1: Aelfsward
IE2: The Under Realms
CS1: The Return (Finished except for the printed version)
CS2: The Darkness
Sister, Sister – Done, but kinda short
Way of the Warrior #1 (a series much, much later in the world of Aelfsward)
Way of the Warrior #2
Way of the Warrior #3

What to do.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.  Whatever is the most fun!  It might be time to revisit Aelfsward. . . . I’m glad we had this talk.  Thank you.  Time to change gears from 3rd person to 1st.   Aelfsward2


The Return (version 2)

Kishi-8bFinally. After extensive edits and updates “The Return” is available again.

There are a couple reasons for the edits. The primary reason is that I have finished Book #2 – The Darkness, and I am working on Book #3 – New Empires.

The Return had several loose ends, and some people might have thought there were plot holes (Like why DID the Caliphate have wormhole generators on their ships? Sorry, that isn’t answered until book #3). Yes. Book #2 does not answer all of them, although the answer is there. Book #3 New Empires should finalize the series I believe, and let me go onto the many other projects. It is my intent for New Empires to have closure and should be the last book in this series. Although there may be plenty of opportunities to continue in this world, my mind is bouncing around other worlds.

I hope people enjoy it and I intend to get it in paper form shortly. . . so much to do. I still have about seven to ten other novels that need polishing, editing and are screaming for attention. The Aelfsward series alone is planned out to about book 7 or 8 and I’m only on book #3. The problem there is that originally I only intended for The Return to be a single book. That didn’t quite work out did it?

Well now. Back to editing. Enjoy!

Please write a review if you like the book. If you don’t please send me a message. Thank you!

The link for the book is

The Return: The Conglomerate Trilogy (Volume 1)

Sequels and Sequels

SFBabe2 copySo those who know me, know that I usually have several different projects ‘in the works’.  Currently with National Novel Writer’s month I began the sequel for The Return.  This has encouraged me to go back to the original.  Now with the sequels I have frequently found myself going back to edit some detail in the first book.  This has occurred quite a bit with my Aelfsward series (I’m on book 3 right now!).

I’m also working on some books on writing Military SF, some more books for Airsoft, and if that is not enough, a book on computer consulting.

With so many projects going on some might think that I am ADHD and Thanksgiving is coming, I’m really looking forward to eating ham and turkey, and lots of it but of course I will have to spend more time in the dojo to work it off and I plan on going through my paperback collection to find some of my favorites to reread, maybe get in kindle format, BUT perhaps you get the idea?

At any rate, I’m working on Book Two of  “The Return” called “The Darkness”.  I am finding out this is a brutal process.  Just like the Aelfsward series it appears there is a LOT more tell than a trilogy since the Darkness is coming to the Conglomerate, civil war is errupting and humanity is likely to be caught right in the middle of it all.  Yea.  I don’t think I can fit that into three books unless I cut some corners, and every time I try to do THAT I find I’m in a maze and corners just don’t work that way in a maze.  Sooo. . . .

I do want to get back to Incidental Elf though.  Getting a lot of good feedback from my writers group.

One problem I am finding with all these projects is my reading time is next to nil.  I’m not reading nearly as many books.  Just doesn’t seem to be time for them, or gaming.  I haven’t played Destiny in about a month, it has been a while since I played Elite Dangerous as well.

Another reason I’m looking forward to the vacations.  More time  to spend WRITING, maybe reading.  When I get dragged off to ‘visit’ family or inlaws I usually manage to get in some good reading time.  Haven’t done much artwork either.  Too busy writing.

I don’t know.  We will find out.  But I have managed over 59K words on the book “The Darkness”.  Now I should get back to writing.  I did create a picture of some of the ships Luke is serving on though.  From right to left.  The Leonis Ultio, the Proud Infidel and. . . to be determined.  TBD is 5K long and actually more black like the Ultio but it is a start.3ShipsC

NaNoWriMo 2015

So, I’ve started the sequel to “The Return” for NaNoWriMo.  I’m at 23K words in and waiting for my second wind to kick in, only 423 words in a couple hours. . . any time now.

At any rate, lots of writerly things going on for me know.  For work I have to compile a lot of data and write a report on it, going to a writer’s group here in the Northern KY area, editing other novels and of course NaNoWriMo.

Trying to make more friends in the area as well and not neglect the family.  It is a juggling act.  Time to get back at it.  Below is Leonessa, Luke and Musashi, just fooling around with art.

Luke Leonessa and Musashi

The Funk

Welcome to the funk.  Happens every so often.  A minor setback is just demoralizing.  Maybe I’m not getting enough exercise, competing enough, etc.  Regardless I have entered funk where I’m not doing much writing.

I’ve ‘finished’ book two of the Incidental Elf series.   Actually, book 2 was getting to be very long and wasn’t close to being finished, so I found a good spot and broke it off into book 3, and there I have stopped.  Almost a fifth of the way into it (23,327 words) and there I have stumbled and fallen into my funk.

Meh.  I’m not really in the mood to socialize because when I’m in a funk I can also be something of an asshole. . . or maybe I’m less tolerant of stupid.  Either way, I should avoid social interaction.

Why whine about it?  It is a plea for help, for. . . no.  LMFAO.  Not really.  I’m just whining 🙂  I’ll kick my self in the ass and get in gear eventually.  I’m the only person that can, I’m the only person that can motivate me.

Plus I’m waiting for the X-box to finish installing updates so I can kill things.  That usually helps my mood.  Sometimes.

Either way.  Who cares.  X-box should be done by now.


Always Learning

So even in the 40’s I have to go take exams and study like a crazy person.  This weekend was spent doing little more than studying for XenMobile as I have an interesting but high level exam starting on Tuesday.  I have 24 hours to complete it. . . . if that tells you anything.

That will be in addition to a regular work day.  Fun!  I would much rather be spending time with the family, writing or artwork.  C’est la vie.

But I HAVE been thinking about “The UnderRealms”  the intrepid companions are about to have a run-in with a mob of dark ones and the Breek. . . .


Military-SF: Infantry Combat

MilitarySF-GROUNDSo many ongoing projects. One side project is plagurizing my website and creating an actual book for writers on Military Science Fiction. Already it is 92,000 words long and has several sections I still have not written. There are also two more books on the drawing board in various states of completion I plan to have in the serious.

Infantry combat will incorporate lots of info from my website, along with more psychological, physiological information, a more detailed list of weapons, munitions, cybernetic modifications, biological modifications, battle armor components, space born assault, infantry tactics, etc.  LOTS of stuff.

The first is simply Infantry Combat and takes away a lot from my website along with a lot of new material and research. The second will be Space Combat which will have numerous details and information on ship building, physics, space borne operations, sensors, etc. The third book will be vehicular combat, from tanks, to mechs, to fighter squadrons.

I plan on using some sections from the first book in the other two in order to make each book a stand alone, with information on Strategy VS Operational VS tactical levels, designing militaries, etc, with each section customized for the specific book.

The website is also taking up some time and I have to update my other website

For whatever reason my databases got corrupted and caused me to lose ALL my site settings, blogs, comments, etc. While using the ‘way-back’ machine has allowed me to capture some of it, there is a lot of work to be done and work is going to be keeping me busy between exams and all the travel.

So very much to do.  I think I need another vacation.

The Under Realms

So while on vacation I got a little writing done.  Made some pretty good progress plot wise and discovered something that had been bothering me for a while.  Seriously.  What good is a magic sword when fighting a dragon?  Do you REALLY think you could get close enough to stab it before it burned you, sliced you to ribbons with its claws or bit you in half?  Let’s not go into the acidic blood or magical abilities. . . . walking up and sticking a sword into a dragon is just a quick, painful way to die.

Maybe.  Now however the intrepid companions are faced with the Great Rift.  A massive slash in the mountains, thousands of feet deep and hundreds of feet across.  It is said to swarm with dragon.  If the dark one army and the demon behind them is not enough incentive then maybe being underground in an earthquake prone area is?  I’m starting to wonder how they will get across without getting eaten.  Should be fun.

Currently at 98,009 words.

It is probably going to stay there for a while since I have a couple exams that I have to study like crazy for.  <sigh>


Way of the Warrior

My very first Novel.  It is over 200,000 as I recall.  Might be time to revisit that.  It dates back to 1995 if that tells you anything. . .

Originally it was one big novel.  I wrote section 3 first, didn’t think it was long enough then went back and did the beginning.

Book 1 is only 40,8074 words long.  Kind of short.  Book #2 is 102,706 words long and Book #3 is 71,486 words long, so maybe you see my dilema.  That is a total of 215,066 words and the average novel size I believe is around 80K.  Now I understand that fantasy novels can be long, but I think that 200K+ words is pushing it.  The longest novel “War and Peace” is about 500K words long so it isn’t without precedence.  The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien was about 95,022 words.  Lord of the Ringswas as follows;  Fellowship of the Ring: 177,227 words, The Two Towers:  143,436 words andReturn of the King: 134,462.

My Novel “Way of the Warrior” follows a young man as he is rescued from a ravaged town by the greatest general of all times named Caldor and renamed Berncyn.  A Shakari knight of the highest rank who is now a hunted exile.  The boy impresses the General who takes him as a student.  Growing up, living in a cave on the outskirts of society the young warrior learns many skills about the Sharkari knights who are part samurai, part ninja.  Book one technically ends when assassins find the general and the young warrior is tasked with finding his teacher’s instructor.  An elf named Si’ Aelfsward.

The second novel is about Berncyn’s journey to find the elf where he is graded and sent off to join more of Si’ Aelfsward’s students, fighting a distant war on the frontier against his mentor’s enemies who until now have remained in hiding.

He travels to a distant outpost and joins Si’ Aelfswards’ students as they act as scouts and raiders for a local lord named Marik.  During a joint operation with another lord he meets and falls in love with another Shakari woman but he isn’t quite sure how to approach her.

A surprise attack by the Dark Ones overruns the fortress and Berncyn must lead the survivors to safety.  They find out that all over the island the darkones have risen up and overrun the lords, leaving only a single refuge which the survivors manage to escape to named Tresh which is besieged by the Dark Ones.

Within the dubious safety of Tresh the survivors fight on the walls and learn that the Emperor feels they have betrayed him, refusing to reinforce or assist them and demanding they redeem their honor.

Tresh falls but many warriors escape, including Berncyn.

Book 3 starts with the abandoned warriors being accepted by a warlord in a foreign land who has dark one problems of his own.  Berncyn decides to go his own way as he is torn with grief and guilt.  In the wilds he is found by Si’ Aelfsward who administers the final test of the Shakari.  Berncyn realizes that he wants to live and he proceeds to a distant city named Sadrask, without a purpose or goal, a wandering warrior.

In Sadrask he takes on an apprentice of his own, a former thief, and he finds out that Pantheris has survived and again he falls in love.  The three become embroiled in a plot that involves a haunted castle in the middle of Sadrask, a small band of professional adventurers hired by a secretive magic council and an ancient evil that is returning to the lands and a prophecy is fulfilled.

This is an initial cover that I put together.  When I go back to do a full edit/reread/re-write I will figure out if it will be three books or somehow two.  Dunno.  I get all teary eyed myself in some sections still and I’ve had a couple people cry when reading certain portions.  I find it hard to edit properly as I get tied up in the story.  The end always give me a real big boost and a super warm fuzzy.

The Return Pt. 9

I cracked the 45,000 word mark.  Most excellent.  5,000 more words to ‘win’.  Maybe this week?  So here is what I found out about word counts and novels per;

Novel over 40,000 words
Novella 17,500 to 40,000 words
Novelette 7,500 to 17,500 words
Short story under 7,500 words

Here I was thinking that the minimum word count for most novels was 80,000.  The Huffington Post  had this interesting article with some comparisons of famous books. and make the argument that the “average” book is 64,000 words.  I know some of my favorite novels and novelists average about 80K to 120K words so I think that is my goal.

What does this mean to The Return.  Well.  I think I’m about halfway through the book, although I might be 1/3rd of the way into the book based on my plans.  Currently Luke and Leonessa have met and are talking, planning, etc.  They are going to have to track down Leonessa’s missing crew and then fly off to save the Athena colony, or crush the Caliphate.  Not quite sure yet.  Leonessa has been saved from the Tonkan and both Leonessa and Luke are starting to realize the Topa might be manipulating them and have some ulterior motive.  They are also starting to realize a few other things as well.  Not sure how I’m going to have Brita play into this yet but I want to develop her and Doc some more.  Maybe Carmichael and Burke as well.  Bebchuck may or may not survive.  I’m really curious to see how that is going to play out. . . . wait a minute.  I thought I was writing the book.  Hmmm.  Okay.  I’ll figure that out.  Better be good.

So here’s a picture I created week or two ago with Leonessa, Luke and Suresh.TheReturnCover

The Return Pt. 5

Okay.  I made it past the 33K mark.  Great!  So much I want to cram into the story before they meet.  Managed to put in some explanation about higher level droids and lower level droids.  I see them like this.  The higher level droids learn like humans (well, maybe faster actually) and are more humanlike.  They are smart, have personalities and if they die, they are dead.  No backup because their digital brains are too complex.  Like humans they also forget, which I think is a key to original thinking and problem solving.  If you remember everything and run into a problem you can spend a long time trying to map that problem to your experiences OR you extropolate too much OR try to gain too much information so you can make a good decision.  If you forget you get used to dealing with that and making quicker decisions based on less information.  Mistakes happen but you learn and those mistakes impact your subconscious.


So.  Today’s picture is of the three main higher level droids.  I threw it together kind of quick.  On the left is Gray (named after the Marine Commandant Al Gray who spearheaded Maneuver Warfare in the US Marines).  Gray is Luke’s Marine commander, responsible for the assault units.  He is green because all Marines are green.

Nelson, named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, is an English Naval war hero.  Gray and Nelson tend to bicker a lot as well it appears (Jarheads VS Squids).  He is blue to signify his origins, the ocean.

The last one is Musashi, named after Moritomo Musashi, the greatest swordsman that ever lived.  Musashi is Luke’s personal trainer and when possible body guard, a true specialist in individual combat.  He is one hard ass, sadistic son of a bitch who tends to be very hard on Luke and now Luke’s ‘apprentices’.  On the flip side Luke is pretty hard on Musashi too but Musashi provides a good outlet for Lukes frustration and aggression, more often then not kicking Luke’s ass and teaching him humility.  He is black and unfathomable.

The Return Pt. 4

So it is now day 10.  I have reached the 28,938 word mark.  I’m staying ahead of the minimum required but I’ve fallen behind two of my ‘writing buddies’ who have managed to breach the 30k mark, so technically I should be writing my novel instead of blogging!  Yea, yea, I get that.  C’est la vie.  It is late on a Monday night.  Outside there is a layer of ice on everything and now the snow is coming down.  Joy.

In the Novel Leonessa and her crew have been abandoned by the Conglomerate patrol in a lawless area of a hive city world.  Basically a world that is ancient and is completely covered with city.  Strangers on this alien world, living on the edge of society their chances probably aren’t too good.  That said I’m anxious to get back to Luke and his crew.  Speaking of which here are two of his ‘crew’.  Gray and Nelson.Gray and Nelson