Ghosts of the Republic

The Ronin refuse to die like they are told.

They are the hunted survivors of a nation destroyed by the greed, arrogance and spite of the Economic Exchange.  No home and no refuge will force them to fight to the bitter end.

Genetically modified, cybernetically enhanced, Doug Ericson operates solo.  A squad leader who lost his squad, he conducts reconnaissance for the Republic survivors.

The Economic Exchange has a covert black project, and a beautiful corporate hacker needs Doug’s help.  Thus begins a race against time as the Ronin fight to save a brother-at-arms and discover the deadly secret the Economic Exchange is desperate to keep. Hounded by the elite corporate enforcement arm, bounty hunters, private investigators, religious fanatics and mercenaries, their only ally is a renegade Confed agent with his own agenda.

The odds are billions to one against the Ronin.  The future of the human race hangs in the balance so defeat is not an option. Empires will clash and the human race will never be the same.

Let the bodies hit the floor. It is time for the Ronin to avenge the Republic.

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Ghosts of the Republic

Many, many years ago I started to learn Daz3d because I wanted to publish my book “47 Ronin”. It has since been renamed to “Ghosts of the Republic” and I have had an editor work on it. It has been a very long time really. I think somewhere in there I actually finished it.

It wasn’t really my first novel, but it has been a very long while. At this point the only thing I’m waiting on is cover art. In addition to editing I’m working on getting a professional cover.

It has been a while since I’ve published a book and this year I plan on publishing several.

One original cover I started working on was this;

Cringy. I had a few others I’ve played with;

And a few others. It has been a journey to be sure. Now I’m really curious as to what the company will come up with.

They are dead, but refuse to accept the galaxy’s declaration.  They are the Ghosts of the Republic, Ronin, hunted survivors of a nation destroyed by the greed, arrogance, and spite of the expansive Economic Exchange. Pursued by every bounty hunter, accused of every crime, they have no home, no refuge and no option but to fight to the bitter end.

Doug is a Ronin, a genetically modified, cybernetic commando who buries bounty hunters. A squad leader without a squad, he paves the way for his brothers and sisters at arms.

Infiltrating an Economic Exchange operation he meets a beautiful corporate hacker seeking escape. Thus begins a race against time as the Ronin fight to save a brother-at-arms and discover the deadly secret the Economic Exchange is desperate to keep. Chased by the elite corporate enforcement arm, bounty hunters, private investigators, religious fanatics and mercenaries, their only friend is a renegade Confed agent with his own agenda.

The odds are billions to one, good odds for the Ronin and the future of the human race hangs in the balance. Empires will clash and the human race will never be the same.

Let the bodies hit the floor. It is time to avenge the Republic.

Coming soon (Cover still pending)

Farthest Reaches

Keystroke Medium has released a new anthology that has a bunch of space opera stories, from first contact and beyond. Space Opera. Lots of awesome authors and an awesome editor;

Lucky Bastard by Rick Partlow
Brace Cordova and the Winds of Sinjin-3 by C.Steven Manley
Windham Rex by Kevin G Summers
Superiority by J Clifton Slater
Star Sleeper by Dean Floyd
Threat by Cary G Osborne
Synth by Luke T Barnett
Frostbite by Julia Ver and Ken Bebelle
Echoes of Sonya by Ken Britz
Door Number One by Kalene Williams
For the Children by William S Frisbee

If you get it and read it, please leave a review. Thank you!

Last of the Leathernecks

It sure has been a while.  Whew!

So I am about 429K into the series “Last of the Leathernecks.”  Currently writing book #5 (Genocide of Mankind).  Lots of action and conflict.  Humanity is facing extinction.  Haven’t quite decided how much of the human race is gone yet, but more than a few planets have been wiped out.  Extinction seems obvious because of the nature of the threat.

The further along a series goes, the more you realize how much world building has to be done and integrated. This can lead to a lot of research, education and extrapolation.

For instance how would a socialist space empire organize? Terminology, etc. The goal is of course to keep people divided and mad at each other so they do not unite against you, while controlling them at a planetary and even local level. How to keep your military forces loyal to the regime while recruiting from among the people and how to deal with insurgencies?

A little easier in a socialist structure because of course all forms of media are tightly controlled and manipulated. Sesame credit is a must of course. . . .

With manufactories (a cross between a 3d printer and robotic factory) what is trade and interaction between planets like?

All these things impact the daily lives and attitudes.  They impact the rebels, the loyalist, fleet organization, composition, military tactics and more.

I’m drawing heavily on history though.  Taking a more in depth look at Socialist regimes throughout history like the Chinese, the Soviets and the Nazi’s.  Looking at how they were organized and kept their power.  Interesting stuff and I’m learning quite a bit.  Recently started watching “My Battalion” a Chinese film about a World War 2 battalion that fought the Japanese.  While it is a ‘Hollywood’ type production it is fascinating to see some of the interactions and attitudes, which is helping me shape one character.

I guess indirectly I’m trying to build a very expansive world that I can write in for more than just this series.  Mostly humans though.  Very few aliens and true AI’s.  The series started out with the interesting title of ‘War Porn’ and I’m doing my best to make it more about about infantry action than clashing space fleets, although there are a couple space battles.

The SOG (Social Organizational Governance) is a replacement for the United Nations in many ways.  SOG is really a government form of Socialism.  They control and manage local Socialist governments.  Enforcing Socialism through violence and bloodshed, for the common good of course.  They control socialist governments like socialist governments control people.  Kind of a Socialist ponzi scheme.

Since it did not originate in the United States (which has been nuked out of existence by this time) I have to put in foreign mentality and terms, which requires research.  I’m pretty sure I will botch some of it, but that is too bad. Still going to be a fun series I believe.  I’m trying to do the cliffhanger at the end of each chapter and I’m trying to concentrate on characters, more than plot.

I have seven characters with different POV’s.  Marines, Republic and SOG.

So now it is time to get back to writing book #5.

But maybe I should go back to book #2 and do a little more world building?



NaNoWriMo 2018

And thus, it begins.  National Novel Writers Month.  My current progress is at

This year the title has gone through several iterations.  War Porn, Man-O-War, now Gods of War.  Cover is a work in progress.  US Marines, space vikings, and a lot more.  Don’t want to spoil it, but it should be lots of fun.

Roads are paved with the bones of the fallen

To edit or write? What to write? Just submitted a short story for a Fantasy anthology  being put together by Keystroke Medium. Holding my breath is probably not a good idea. The goal is to fail faster. I don’t want to spam others though, but I suppose it is time to re-evaluate my life choices, especially in regards to writing.

I do enjoy Science Fiction but I’m very skeptical any of my books could be called a success. The fantasy short story submission was my first real move toward that market. Of course I’ve submitted my story Aelfsward to BAEN and recieved a very generic “No”. I realize they get a lot of submissions and it takes months before they get around to ‘new’ manuscripts. This is not the first time and while I could keep trying to submit to Baen or other big publishers I think, if I’m honest with myself, they might be a dead end anyways. When I look at the market and the way the world is moving it looks like they are still struggling for relevance. With all the brick and mortar book stores closing down and sinking, Amazon appears to be the future, if not Amazon, then other e-book providers. There are more than a few. Of course it is much easier to get lost in the depths of the e-book sea since it is so vast and anybody can publish but then it is also about freedom.

A publisher dictates what books you will read and how much you will pay and where you can find them. They ignore thousands of books in the hopes the book they select will be a money maker for them. The publisher dictates. With self publishing and e-books the market dictates. You are at the whim of the market instead of some fickle editor who might be having a bad day, or just isn’t in the mood for a story like yours that day.

So.  Should I continue to work on my fantasy series, my new Science Fiction series, or one of my other non-fiction projects (Airsoft or Writing Military SF)?

Either way. Back to the drawing board. Got to keep my head up and keep putting one foot in front of the other. That is all we can do sometimes.

Roads are paved with the bones of the fallen.

LRS Huntress

I have sort of finished book #1  (LRS Huntress: Spartan Trials). However, I’m just not happy with the way it turned out. I love the premise (Battle Star Galactica meets Starship Troopers meets Ender’s Game), the technology is awesome, BUT the problem revolves around the characters. They are people only in my head. I think the story is about the tech and the world, not the people and that is probably a major flaw. So. . . I’ve re-evaluated and realized I should probably expand to several books and make them more character centric, which means rewriting many sections.
Of course I didn’t realize this until knee deep in book #2 (now book #4) when I realized the characters had no depth because I was spending time there.  Now I have had to go back, delve into the life of the characters, generate more interpersonal conflict and make them more than two dimensional beings.
Of course I might merge Books #2 and #3 but we shall see.  There is a lot I glossed over.
In book #1 (Spartan Trials) the main characters, antagonists and premise is introduced. The Leonis Republic Marines conduct their first raid into Union of Enlightenment space.  Commando Spear’s first mission is something of a let down for the nephew of one of the most famous Marines from the Han War, meanwhile his rival is selected for a prestigious rescue mission.
However, during Spear’s mission he discovers the UE’s have encountered an alien race that the Leonis Republic doesn’t know about.
Now Spears must prove himself and the only way to do that is a series of training missions, the Spartan Trials, a series of VR games that simulate combat against the UE, but can he do better than his rival?
Near the end of the novel they encounter the aliens and find out they are not friendly.

In book #2 (Charlie Company’s Last Stand) they return to the UE and start kicking in teeth to find out more on the aliens. The LRS Huntress invades UE space to try and discover more about the aliens but the Union of Enlightenment has realized the risk and consolidated the scientists and researchers moving them to their capital world and onto a prestigious military base.

The Leonis Republic Marines launch a suicidal assault into the heart of the Union of Enlightenment to discover more about these aliens, where they come from and how much the UE knows about them.

The mission is a data rape, suicide mission and a mission of vengeance.  Commando Spears is selected to lead a company during part of the operation.
In book #3 (Battle for New Terra) Returning to their secret base they witness a battle between the Kafas and a UE battleship group.  Armed with new knowledge they return to their secret base where they learn that the Leonis Republic has encountered the Kafas before.

With a pair of marauders dispatched to investigate a possible alien base, the LRS mission is to take the battle to the Union of Enlightenment so they launch a raid against a prominent military base on a planet being terra formed called New Terra.
Commando Spears commands a robotic tank platoon that punches through the UE lines to strike deep into the vulnerable areas of the base.
As the raid is almost over the aliens arrive and begin to massacre humans, which makes the Leonis Republic look like they are in league with the aliens. 
In book #4 (Union of Enlightenment) Commando Spears is selected for a top secret special mission behind enemy lines supporting a covert intelligence operation. Of course him and his rival are selected for the mission and he must learn to work with an enemy in an attempt to sway the Union of Enlightenment to focus on the hostile aliens instead of the Leonis Republic.

Writing Military Science Fiction: Infantry now available

I have finally pushed the button and committed to a release date.  The e-book is now available for pre-order and the printed book will not be far away.   It can be ordered at and has about 270 pages when printed. Once this is done I will begin working on the next book in the series which details space ships and star fleets.  I have already written quite a bit but more is needed and it needs to be organized.

Releasing it now is a good thing.  My other option is to spend the next ten years improving it but never releasing it.  Hopefully I will get information from readers on things I’ve missed, questions and more and I can make a Volume #2.




Is here.  I’m working on book #4 of the Aelfsward/Incidental Elf series.  This book starts as the companions leave the under realms and covers their journey to Shenaren and the trials they experience.  They must keep the dragon sword away from the Dark Lord Vakar and his demonic ally Brathius.

Hunted by dragons, dark ones, blood masters and more, they must stay ahead of the legions of dark ones that are conquering everything in their path as they pour out of the Skull Mountains.

With the loss of a companion this book is a little on the dark side.  They are not winning the battle as the legions of Vakar invade the surface kingdoms, putting everyone and everything to the torch.

By the end of the book I expect the companions to reach the Mage Council and the city of Shenaren and that is likely when the real shit will hit the proverbial fan.

The cover is a work in progress and is merely a place holder while I figure out what I want long term.  Thank you!







The Incidental Elf Series begins with Incidental Elf:  Aelfsward.  It is followed by the Under Realms and then The Dragon’s Mouth..  Currently for National Novel Writer’s Month I am writing book #4:  Incidental Elf:  Fortress Basilisk.  Everything is of course a work in progress.  Edits are pending and none have been released yet.  Maybe some day.

I have the series planned out to about book #7.  It should be noted however, that I planned the book “The UnderRealms” to only be a single book, but that didn’t work out too well, so Book #7 might not be realistic.

Incidental Elf:  Aelfsward

Waking up naked on a rock in the middle of a natural pool is bad, not remembering your name or your past is even worse. The hungry looking cat the size of a bear on the shore watching you is not a comforting assurance that you bad day will end soon in a good way.

Sometimes, when a good soul is so tortured, world weary and seeking oblivion an ancient forest will take in that lost soul, love it, nurture it and heal it. Once healed these formerly broken souls become the most valiant defenders of the forest and the realms.

This is the story of Aelfsward, the incidental elf.

Book #2 is Incidental Elf:  The Under Realms

Aelfsward Book 2Pursued by a legion of dark ones and a demon with a grudge, Aelfsward leads his new companions into the Under Realms where they are reunited with some lost companions and become embroiled in the politics and wars of the Under Realms.

The undead and secret alliances seek to interfere with the companions journey.






Book #3 is Incidental Elf:  The Dragon’s Mouth

The Dragon's MouthWith the legions of Chakal closing in they must flee the dark elf city and escape to the underground wastelands.  With death ahead of them and an unpassable chasm in front of them the companions find new allies and new enemies.

With secret legions lying in wait to spring their ambush, the Dwarven kingdom of the Ruskan allied with dragons and the dark lord they may never see the light of day.

The cover is a work in progress.  So is the blurb.  The story is written though, just needs editing.


Book #4  Incidental Elf:  Fortress Basilisk

Currently being written.  Pursued by legions of dark ones the remaining companions finally see the light of day.  Now they must avoid the hordes, the dragons and the demon that is searching for them and escape to a besieged fortress, and that is the easy part.

Pretty much EVERYTHING is a work in progress on this one.  Maybe even the title.